Capabilities Overview


Blisters, Clamshells and Trays. We can thermoform up to 90 mil of thickness (over 250 mil in foam), 43" in width, 68" in length and 10" in depth.


We custom design and manufacture for retail, industrial, automotive, and electronic applications. Capabilities include cross-linked polyethylene foam for automotive and pre-printed material for blisters, clamshells or trays.

Stock Items

Custom designed products aren't always the proper solution to a customer's needs. At IPI, that's why we also offer off-the-shelf plastic packaging shells that can be used in a variety of applications. Because of this, our customers enjoy the flexibility to order any amount, small or large, and we're able to deliver them in a shorter timeframe.

Certified Quality

Our trained professionals, certified under ISO 9001:2008, conceive, prototype, and manufacture product that consistently and dependably addresses your needs and the needs of your customers.

National Reach

Centrally located offices and warehousing facilities ensure our ability to coordinate with you where you budget, where you buy, and where you produce.


For years, we've delivered innovative products like custom designed food trays, pre-printed clamshells and pallet-sized trays. We believe that innovation paired with quality means superior packaging solutionsfor your products.