Clamshell Packaging

Clamshells are two parts joined together using a single hinge which allows the package to be opened and closed. Clamshells allow for excellent product visibility while displaying the product, usually hanging on a standard retail pegboard hooks. Some advantages are visually pleasing product display, ease of product packing, widely accepted retail packaging style.

  • Custom

    These are specifically designed to accommodate our customers' product, and meet performance requirements and expectations. Designs can also be made to adapt to multiple products with a common size with interchangeable tooling inserts. Clear clamshells are typically manufactured utilizing either PVC or PET base materials.


  • Stock

    IPI has several stock clamshell offerings available for manufacturing. Stock clamshell tooling has standard pocket sizes - not designed to contour a product. Tooling for stock items is available for use without charge. Minimum quantities will apply.

    Please click on the images below to see them larger and download the pdf.

    ----IPI-0602-74.jpg ----IPI-0602-75.jpg ----IPI-0602-76.jpg ----IPI-0602-77.jpg ----IPI-0602-78.jpg ----IPI-0602-80.jpg ----IPI-0603-01.jpg ----IPI-0603-02.jpg ----IPI-0603-03.jpg ----IPI-0603-04.jpg ----IPI-0603-05.jpg ----IPI-0703-19.20.21.jpg ----IPI-0703- ----IPI-0801-01.jpg ----IPI-0801-02.jpg ----IPI-0801-03.jpg ----IPI-0802.jpg ----IPI-0803-01.jpg ----IPI-0803-02.jpg ----IPI-0803-03.jpg

  • Available for Manufacture

    IPI offers the tooling usage of several different sizes and styles of serving platter trays and various lids. These are made to order with minimum quantity requirements.

    Click on the images below to see them larger and download the pdf.

    ----IPI-0601-01.jpg ----IPI-0602-71.jpg ----IPI-0602.jpg ----IPI-0604-01.jpg ----IPI-0701-01.jpg ----IPI-0705-01.jpg ----IPI-0706-01.jpg ----IPI-0706-02.jpg ----IPI-0706-03.jpg ----IPI-0804.jpg ----IPI-0903-01.jpg ----IPI-0903-02.jpg ----IPI-1002.jpg ----IPI-1003.jpg ----IPI-1004.jpg ----IPI-1201.jpg