Company Overview

Creating packaging solutions is what we do. Producing results is our passion. Give us a challenge, and we'll take it from concept to finished product. Give us a deadline, and we won't miss it. That's what Going Beyond Thermoforming is all about.

We've seriously invested in the equipment that will offer superior products to our customers. Yet, we believe that alone is not enough. Our greatest source of pride is our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. That's because we're not in business just to sell you a product. We're in business to earn your trust and we do so by creating solutions for your packaging needs.

Innovative Plastech, Inc. (IPI) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified custom thermoformer of plastic vacuum-formed products used in many industries and in a wide variety of applications. Examples and unique applications that we deliver include:

Customized shipping trays, form-fit clamshells, Tri-folds and blister packs for items such as hardware, electrical components, toys, food, tools, and cosmetics and other unique packaging needs

Our in-house design, engineering, quality control, and managerial staff take great pride in every packaging product we produce. This dedication has earned us the reputation of a customer service oriented supplier of superior-quality thermoformed products and tooling.

At IPI, we use the latest technology to fabricate aluminum tools which are used to produce plastic packaging and trays. Prior to production, our product designers create a prototype model utilizing Solid Works and Master Cam programs. This provides our customers the opportunity to properly visualize what the end-product will look like before they approve any project.

Because we incorporate the latest computer technology into our process, we're able to provide rapid prototyping, which allows our customers even quicker access to their markets.